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About Us

The Little Tea Boutique

After traveling the world and being served beautiful teas in places such as Malaysia, China, France and Italy.
I realised that when I got home to Australia I wanted to re-create that experience in my own home.
Whilst I was able to find a wide variety of teas, I wasn't able to find a huge variety of tea cups, saucers and pots like the ones used on the other side of the world, to provide the whole 'experience'.
I found myself spending hours looking all over the internet to find out - Australia just didn't have much to offer.
So 'The Little Tea Boutique' was born.
We have been working hard to source products from across world to bring you the finest and most unique pieces to use for every occasion. 
We hope you enjoy our collection!
Happy Brewing!
- Dimity & The Team at The Little Tea Boutique